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About Us

Hi & Welcome To MoxFox!

We are a small business that is a part of the company Allyson Brooke Inc.  Allyson Brooke Inc hosts 3 online businesses: Ab Lifetsyles - Camping bedding & more,  Allyson Brooke Home - Home Bedding & more,  and us!

MoxFox has 3 employees so far: Anna, Brenna & Grace. Anna makes sure the website runs smoothly and manages all the products and supplies, Brenna is our graphic designer who makes all of our designs in house, and Grace is over the production of all the orders! We are located in the Allyson Brooke Inc. building in Antreville, SC. We specialize in fun graphic tees mostly, but are expanding to towels, pillows, hoodies, and more! 

We started this site in the Fall of 2020, and have been striving ever since to give our customers great product for great prices! Take a look around and explore all that we have to offer. We hope you enjoy!


Click here to check out our introduction reel on Instagram!